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PA Day Camps for 2017 /2018

Register early for one of our 2017 / 2018 PA Day camps
CPGA Junior golf lessons

At The Golfer's Academy we teach each and every youth life lessons and leadership skills through golf. Sessions include a fun, group setting for youth ages 7 to 18 regardless of background or previous experience. Our Life skills framework is built around Respect, Focus, Honesty, Goal Setting, Perseverence, and Sportsmanship.

Our PA Day camps have been developed by our certified CPGA Golf Instructors, and also follow and align with the PGA of Canada Golf in Schools program.

We have full and half day camps available

Your Golfer will learn to:

1. Understand the basics of how to swing the club
2. Club Management (which club to use and how far it will go)
3. Drills and games to help learn Chipping & Putting and play the game
Junior golf camps summer and march break golf camps

PA Day Schedule and Cost

Monday, September 25, 2017 _____________ Start 08:30a.m - 5pm $ 129.00 p/child
Friday, October 6th, 2017 ________________ Start 08:30a.m - 5pm $ 129.00 p/child
Friday, November 24th, 2017 _____________ Start 08:30a.m - 5pm $ 129.00 p/child
Friday, February 2nd, 2018 _______________ Start 08:30a.m - 5pm $ 129.00 p/child

*** Discounts available for 2nd, and or 3rd child living within the same household***

Today junior golf clubs are very sophisticated

Today, junior golf clubs sets are very sophisticated.Sure enough...more manufacturers are focusing their knowledge and technology on making and designing equipment specifically for junior golfers. Therefore, you need to realize that borrowing a cut-down adult clubs for your kid will may never help him or her become a great really need to look for junior golf clubs sets which fit your child's age!
Three reasons why adult clubs that had been cut down to size are not recommended for young golfers

1. Young golfers are small and not strong...they need a light clubs that are easy to control when they swing. Adult clubs are just too heavy for kids.

2. Because junior golf clubs sets are light, your kid will be able to have the club in the right position at the top of the swing. Junior golf clubs sets have the right shaft length to avoid balance and posture problem. If the club length is too short or too long it will make it difficult for the young golfer to hit the ball with consistency.

3. Junior golfers who use cut-down clubs are unable to get height on their shots. Keep in mind that the size of the junior club's grip is designed to fit your kid's hands. Because kids' hands are's difficult for them to play with a big grip.
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For details on our Elite Junior Golf Program please visit
The Canadian Junior Golf Training Academy

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