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Starting February 2019

The Golfer's Academy winter Indoor Golf league begins the week of February 4th, 2019
Each league round consists of 18 holes and runs for 12 consecutive weeks.

Our FLEX indoor Golf league is designed to allow you and your playing partners to play when it is convenient for you.
Book your rounds between Monday to Friday 9am - 11pm.

Each indivdual is given an indoor golf handicap and is the assessed which tee they play from.
Points will be scored on Stableford scoring system

0 points for dbl bogey or higher
1 point for Bogey
2 points for Par
3 points for Birdie
4 points for Eagle

Play in the Closest to pin for prize money each week
Compete for some great prizes, bragging rights and fun.

Cost $480.00 per player

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Here is just a quick overview

of how this years league will work

1. All rounds will be played between Monday to Friday 9am - 11pm

2. If you will not be able to post a score for a scheduled week you have the ability to play your round any week prior to close of that week per the schedule below. You can play two rounds back to back if you wish and or multiple rounds in a single week if you will be travelling or unavailable to post your score any week on the schedule.

3. Some people have asked if they could play on weekends, this is possible however there will be an added charge of $15 per person per round. Players must book online to reserve their tee time or call in to book.

4. Each person will be allotted 1 hour per player to play their round anyone exceeding the time maybe subject to additional sim charges, if the room is available (at the regular hourly rental costs). If you wish to practice prior to your round please book online accordingly. Generally it takes 1 hour p/person to complete their round this is also allowing for a quick warmup.

5. Each person or group must call in 7 days in advance to book a simulator for the round or book directly online with the appropriate amount of time required for yourself or group. If you would like to schedule a specific day and time each week for yourself or your group please confirm what day and time you would like regularly. Also If you do not advise of a no show within 48 hours of your scheduled round you will either forfeit that week or you will have the opportunity to a makeup round at the full cost of the simulator rental costs.

example: if you have 3 people in your group login to http://www.appointment.com/ clientbookings and book 3 hours to allow for the time to play your round between Monday - Friday or simply call in with the names of players and times required.

Each player will have the opportunity to play in the Closest to the pin contest each week for a $5 fee (optional). Winnings will be paid out by the following week.

Each player will be assessed a handicap after the 2nd week if one is not provided and will continue to adjust each week. Also each player will play from their appropriate tee location based on their handicap and age.

All weeks low gross and stableford scores will be posted on our website at. Standings will be posted as well online by Monday following the close of the week played.