Burlington Golf Repair Shop

Custom Callaway Performance Fitting

Brad Petersen has been a fixture in the Burlington, Hamilton, Oakville golf scene for over 30 years.

As the area's premier, professional club builder, he knows what it takes to make a club work and create the best possible fittings for his loyal clients and manufactures alike. In the time that Petersen's Golf Shop has been open, Brad has witnessed the birth of "metal" woods from wood heads, adjustable heads and the incredible evolution of analysis technology that allows it all to be optimized for the player. "The technology that is available to golfers of all skill levels today, was only a dream to the best professionals a few short years ago," He goes on to say, "I am so excited to be at the Golfer's Academy now to see the best technology available in the world available to every golfer. What was subjective before, is absolute now!"

Trackman is the best analysis technology in the industry period! The data it provides on ball spin, speed, club angles, launch vectors on every swing is priceless to a club builder and translates to true custom fitting for the player. In conjunction with the Trackman technology, Brad has recently added the complete line of Callaway equipment to his custom offerings. So now his clients have the best of equipment, analysis technology and experience at their fingertips. Of course all this technology is great but it still comes down to technique. The player that expects a club to swing itself and do all the work is slightly mis-guided. Club and component manufactures promise longer and straighter with every new model introduction, but it still takes swing fundamentals to play well.

Brad has been known to have broken off countless fitting sessions mid stream to talk frankly to a client about their technique and what the limits of custom fitting are. Brad has been teaching golfers of all skill levels better techniques now for 20+ years in addition to fitting their equipment. "When we watch P.G.A. Tour Professionals on television and remark that they make it look so easy, we really know isn't easy, but what they do and we don't is make it efficient. Brad's goal as an instructor isn't to make my students do more with their swings but rather less! I want to make efficient swings with fewer moving parts." It takes more effort to make a bad swing than it takes to make a good one! Video playback and Trackman golf software have been incredible tools to teachers, but also something of a reality check to players who see their swings on tape for the first time. They are used to seeing professionals on T.V., but in seeing in themselves, they quickly realize that they need some better fundamentals." "That's where I come in," Brad says.

You will be amazed at how much better that equipment works with better fundamentals. To book a lesson or club fitting with Brad, please call the Golfer's Academy at 905-335-5858